Q. Will DotSpeed.net speed up everything I do on the Internet?
A. Our product accelerates certain text and graphics on web pages. With DotSpeed.net you will notice a significantly faster experience when you visit web sites and read your e-mail on the Web. Dotspeed.net will NOT accelerate downloading music files, streaming media and secure pages - online banking and credit card forms.
Q. What will DotSpeed.net accelerate on the Internet?
A. All text - HTML and JavaScript, most graphics including JPG and GIF images, Email - including file attachments, and Passive FTP.
Q. What other features does DotSpeed.net include?
A. DotSpeed.net offers easy-to-use, reliable Internet service, privacy manager, one click clear your cache, cookies, and history, Internet Explorer toolbar, Pop-Up Blocker, Banner-Ad Blocking, and Integrated Diagnostic Support Tool.
Q. Is this service faster than DSL?
A. No. Accelerated Dialup only works on web pages and Email. DSL allows high speed access to all forms of Internet communications including online gaming, VPN access, secure websites, media sharing, streaming video and audio, voice over IP, and file downloading. Additionally, DSL does not tie up your phone nor does it require you to dial up to connect.

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