Welcome to DotSpeed

DotSpeed is a low cost alternative to DSL or cable that can greatly enhance your dial-up experience by increasing your web browsing and email speed. DotSpeed is available anywhere there is a regular phone line and requires no new hardware. It is easy to install, runs seamlessly and doesn't alter any of your existing software. DotSpeed provides maximum acceleration for the sites you visit regularly so the more you surf, the faster frequently visited sites will load.

What is DotSpeed?

DotSpeed is a client/server compression technology that works with your dial-up connection to send the information to your computer faster. DotSpeed works by accelerating your Internet access through proprietary text and image compression, content caching and other network optimizations. If you have a slow Internet connection with bandwidth of less than 300Kbps, you will experience a significant degree of acceleration using DotSpeed.

DotSpeed significantly speeds up web site access. To achieve this speed up, proprietary lossless compression is applied to text, HTML, XML, JavaScript and style sheets. Proprietary image compression is applied to GIF images, JPEG images and Flash content. DotSpeed also accelerates email traffic (POP3 and SMTP) using lossless compression. DotSpeed does NOT accelerate file sharing, streaming audio/video, and HTTPS (secure web sites), but it does accelerate FTP downloads.

Be Connected. Be Accelerated.

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