Problem or Symptoms:

The Accelerator is disabled right after it launches
The Problem Affects or Pertains to:
This might be caused by improper configuration of the Accelerator or the new High speed Auto-detection feature. The accelerator might be disabled once an active high speed conection, such as DSL or cable modem, is detected.
Solution Method 1:
Please ensure that you are connected to the internet. Try going to some websites or checking your email. If you can't do either of these things then the problem is not likely the accelerator but that you aren't connected to the internet. If you then connect to the internet the accelerator also should be able to connect.
Solution Method 2:
You have an active high-speed connection that is 512k or faster. The Dotspeed Web Accelerator automatically shuts off in this case because it isn't compatible with connection speed that fast.
Solution Method 3:
1.  Right-click on the DotSpeed Web Accelerator icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen:

right click disabled

2.  Then left-click the option that says "Settings"

settings disabled

3.  Click on the "Connection" tab

settings connection tab

4.  Verify that you have your full email address typed in (e.g., and your password.

5.  Click on the "Advanced" button

settings connection advanced

6.  Verify that the information below matches what you have in your Advanced Menu

settings connections advanced none

Be Connected. Be Accelerated.

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